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# Clan Recent Overall
Actives Activity Battles Win Rate WN8a WN8t15 WN8t7 Members Battles Win Rate WN8
1 TANQC ca 32 51% 11,366 50.7% 1,407 1,819 2,364 63 950,505 51.9% 1,402


Your WN8 may change!

I just updated the relations between Console Tanks and PC Tanks, for those that don't have the exact same numeric id (The Surrogate Table).

Because of this it's expected that the WN8 of some tanks change, as I'm now using the same values that XVM publishes for those tanks, instead of using Extrapolated Values or the Average for the Type and Tier.

Notable changes are on the Italian line, T-50-2, Tiger 217, Kraft's Pz IV, Hydra, Fortress, Inferno, Shashka etc.